Why does a company need a Data Scientist?

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In this technology era, the new oil of the industries is data. And because of the continuous innovation and progress, being data-driven is a new trend for businesses especially for intentional decision-making. Data also dictates the decision of the organization when it demands pivoting or tweaking on a certain risky phase.

“But what is the role of the Data Scientist in the industry or as an industry partner?”

According to mastersindatascience.org, data scientists are analytical experts who utilize their skills in both technology and social science to find trends and manage data.

Since data gives industries a vague and broad answer to social-economic problems, data science people help find trends and solutions to the public or private sector to consider as a guide and predictor to decision-making. They give meaningful insights from scratch with regard to widespread concerns from these organizations. But there will be a big problem if these data were manipulated and misused for personal interest. To become a data scientist, we are also responsible for the refinement of the data for truth and nothing but the truth.

“Do we necessarily need a Data Scientist?”

The existence of new trends, inevitable economic growth and the fast-growing industries, says a lot why we need data science on a modern world. The great impact on shaping and predicting future trends with scientifical approach and process, has a big potential in delivering solutions to these organizations.

“So why does a company need a Data Scientist?”

I take Data Scientist as a future investment either public or private sectors. If you’re one of those business owner that is into sustainability of your business, or you want to forecast future risk, and you have the means to have a Data Science team on your company, invest to it since our modern world is already a data-driven era.



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